Pole soccer® football arena

A perfect training tool


The Pole Soccer® football arena is a thought out and proven concept. It is specifically designed for playing the game, for the special training program and to ensure that Pole Soccer® is played properly.

The playing field is protected by a 1 meter high bounce boarding. Inside the arena there are 4 Pole Soccer® poles up - these are called Gladiators. 

The construction of the Arena has been done in such a way that it has a modular and mobile concept. The official dimensions of one playing field are 10 x 10 meters, but each field can be customised according to your preference. Each individual element has a length of 2,5 meters. 

The Arena comes standard with artificial turf, but can be installed on any type of playground/field. As an option, the arena can be supplied with the special Pole Soccer® Sports Floor with a water-permeable profile and custom made net for playing footvolley .