part of
technical training

Learn from your own actions with a ball at your feet


During any training, regardless of the age of the football players or their competitive level, Pole Soccer® should be an integral part of the technical training. 

Kids just should have fun playing football. Only then you can work on development. Through playing Pole Soccer® they will learn and develop, in addition to the fun aspect, both their technical and tactical skills. In no other game with a ball at their feet do they get constant feedback from the results of their own actions. The reward is immediate when they do something well, but also mistakes in this game will have an instant and disappointing result for the player in question. This also strengthens the required mental toughness of these youngsters. Through playing Pole Soccer® the most essential core value of football is enhanced. Namely the will to win!

This immediate and constant feedback are valuable learning opportunities for all players.  In the relatively small pitch there is no place to hide. Every player is challenged to give the best they can.