club activities & CSR

Your club is more than football


By applying the Pole Soccer® Concept at your club this creates a great opportunity to offer additional football activities alongside the existing offer. Here you will meet the increasing demands of today's youth and the desire to be challenged in various ways.

Extra club activities (CSR)

For example, the start-up of a separate 'cubs division' for children from 4 years, training and activities for D-teams, training clinics, extracurricular activities and sports days at the club. But with the Pole Soccer® Concept you can also show your involvement on location. As a supercharger for municipal activation programs, as a side event at community events, creating your own street league? The possibilities are numerous.

League and Tournaments

Because of the game and team aspect Pole Soccer® is ideal for organizing extra league games and tournaments according to the "Last One Standing" rules. For your members, for teams from other clubs and for anyone who wants to take part.

special program

For clubs with ambition